Our Purpose

To provide small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals with quality services that help them reach their goals and achieve their desired objectives.

Social Networking Protection
With the explosion of social networking, the opportunity for predators to prey on our most vulnerable, our children, has also exploded. Popular social networking sites have given child predators a new weapon for finding and exploiting children. Many parents allow their children to set up accounts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and do not realize the danger some children expose to criminals when they divulge certain private information. Allow us to help analyze the social networking accounts of you or your children and recommend changes that will keep both of you safe. THIS SERVICE IS FREE OF CHARGE!
Website Development
In today's global economy, every company and organization needs to have a website that reflects its philosophy, markets its products and services, and extends its reach beyond its local market. In today's market, a website becomes part of the brand identity just as a logo or tagline served in previous years. It is extremely important for the website to serve its intended purpose, whether it be reaching new customers, serving existing customers, reducing expenses, or gaining efficiencies. We work with our customers to identify these strategies and develop a website that meets those goals.
Platform Integration
We have extensive experience in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business to Business (B2B) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Using technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Mercator, & Gentran Mentor, we have successfully integrated industry standards whether they be XML, X.12, or flat file formats. We have served on committees that developed those standards within the mortgage banking industry. As one of the early adopters of XML within the mortgage industry, we utilized our experiences to assist in laying the groundwork for what has become the standards setting body for electronically exchanging business transactions for the entire industry.
While we can't realistically offer an unlimited array of services, we feel that those we offer either directly or through our preferred partners can only serve to enhance your organization. Whether it be protecting your identity, providing assistance with legal services, or assisting with administrative services, we strive to offer quality solutions that provide tangible benefits to you and your organization.
Wireless Networking
Whether for the home, office, church, or other facility, we are able to set up and configure your location with wireless internet access. We will give you the comfort of knowing that your network is secured from prying eyes from an improperly configured wireless network. We will insure that your router's firewall is enabled, data exchanged between your wireless adapter and the router is encrypted, and your network is not readily visible to those outside of your organization. In addition, we can configure your network to filter out many of the sites that you may deem to be inappropriate for your organization. As part of this service, we will provide 1-year of free onsite support for configuration expansion, and troubleshooting.
Database Development
Are you using multiple documents to manage your business? Is your data spread across multiple databases, spreadsheets, or files? Would you like help consolidating your data in order to simplify your ability to report off of your data? Would you like to web-enable your data so that you and your organization can gain access to your information online? Whether you are using enterprise systems such as SQL Server or desktop solutions such as Access, we can help.